PAC 202 — Discovery Passage to Queen Charlotte Strait and West Coast of Vancouver Island, FIRST EDITION, 2016

Chapter 6 — Delete paragraph 33

Replace by: 33    Light. — Cape Mudge Sector light (511) is a flashing light shown at an elevation of 17.7 m from a white tower. The fog signal consists of one blast every 30 seconds. Cape Mudge North Sector light (511.1) is a fixed light shown at an elevation of 7.4 m from a white tower.

(Monthly Edition No. 2/16)

Chapter 6 — Paragraph 60, after “boat basin.”

Insert: An underwater platform is laid at the bottom between the pier and the pipeline at approximately a 5-m depth.

(Monthly Edition No. 6/16)

Chapter 7 — Paragraph 433, after “to Port Harvey (Chart 3564).”

Add: Marine farm facilities are located at the entrance to Cracroft Inlet near the west side of Dorman Island.

(Monthly Edition No. 2/16)

Chapter 10 — Delete paragraph 318

Replace by: 318    Lights. — Vernaci Island light (104.8), on a drying rock off the west side of the island, is shown at an elevation of 6.9 m.

(Monthly Edition No. 2/16)