Chapter 8 — Paragraph 10, after “a clearance of 15 m”

Insert: between the lights (1296.49, 1296.491) marking the channel under the main span

(Monthly Edition No. 8/15)

Chapter 8 — Paragraph 12

Delete: is a sewer outfall
Replace by: are two sewer outfalls

(Monthly Edition No. 3/15)

Chapter 8 — Delete paragraph 13

Replace by: 13      The Hull district public wharf is immediately downstream of Alexandra Bridge, on the west side of the river. This irregular shaped wharf extends 120 m from shore and has a three-level landing pier 53 m wide with depths of 2.4 m. There is a launching ramp on the north side of the wharf. Many tour boats make a stop-over at this wharf.

(Monthly Edition No. 3/15)

Chapter 9 — After paragraph 5

Insert: 5.1      Speed limit — In Lac des Deux Montagnes, the maximum speed for small craft operators, at any time, is 5.4 knots (10 km/h) within 50 metres of the shore of the Island of Montréal and the north shore of Île Bizard. Outside the area referred above, the maximum speed between 9:00 pm and 7:00 am, in any water body around the Island of Montréal, is 13.5 knots (25 km/h).

(Monthly Edition No. 2/15)