Chapter 2 — Paragraph 186

Delete: (55°58′N, 60°06′W)
Replace by: (55°59.6′N, 60°01′W)

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Chapter 5 — After paragraph 1

Insert : 1.1     The Torngat Mountains National Park extends from Saglek Fiord in the south, including all the islands and islets, to the northern tip of Labrador. From west to east, it extends from the provincial boundary with Quebec to the Labrador Sea. It can be accessed by air and water only during the summer. Aircraft landings in fresh water in the park are strictly prohibited, special permits may be acquired from Parks Canada for helicopter landings. Additional information can be obtained at

1.2    Access to or across Labrador Inuit Lands requires the consent of the Nunatsiavut Government. There is an approximately 9 km2 section located on the Labrador coast at Iron Strand that is not part of the park. Before entering this area, visitors are required to obtain permission by contacting a representative of the Nunatsiavut Government at 709 922-2942.

1.3    A permit is required to enter the park. It can be obtained by contacting Parks Canada, Torngat Mountains National Park, Box 471, Nain, Newfoundland and Labrador, A0P 1L0. Contact can also be made by telephone at 1-888-922-1290 (toll free), 709-922-1290 (English), 709-458-2417 (French), 709-922-1294 (fax) or by e-mail at

1.4    Dangerous wildlife such as polar bears, black bears, wolves, and foxes may be encountered within the national park and the limits of this publication; caution is advised (see Appendix). Firearms are prohibited within the Torngat Mountains National Park. Approved deterrents or the service of Inuit Guides can be arranged by contacting the Torngat Mountains National Park staff.

1.5    The Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station is located at the head of St. John’s Harbour in Saglek Fiord. It operates annually in July and August. This facility which is operated by the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies, NGC Solutions has a floating wharf for use by small boats. Medical personnel are available. Transportation is provided by a helicopter stationed onsite and marine transportation can be provided while the base camp is operational. Diesel fuel and gasoline are available for purchase in limited quantities. Accommodations, meals, showers and communication by satellite phone are available. Park registration, orientation, logistics and planning support are available with park staff onsite. The base camp can also provide the service of local bear guards and guides. Additional information can be obtained by contacting NGC Solutions by telephone at 709-896-8505 (Happy Valley-Goose Bay), 403-799-7137 Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station or by e-mail at .

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Chapter 5 — Paragraph 56, last line

Add: The Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station is located at the head of St. John’s Harbour. (See information at the beginning of this chapter.)

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