Chapter 1 — Paragraph 46, after “(1988), with a”

Delete: fluorescent-orange
Replace by: red and white

(Monthly Edition No. 2/16)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 54

Delete: ; it is visible from 088° through east, south and west to 272°

(Monthly Edition No. 12/16)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 95, after “highway bridge with a vertical clearance of”

Delete: “3.7 m. Further… vertical clearance of 5.8 m.”
Replace by: 3.3 m. Further upstream, there is a second bridge which is a fixed railway bridge with a vertical clearance of 4.9 m.

(Monthly Edition No. 10/16)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 117, after “The light is visible”

Delete: from upstream only, over an arc of 15° centered.

(Monthly Edition No. 11/16)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 117, after “A second light”

Insert: (2062.1)

(Monthly Edition No. 11/16)

Chapter 1 — In the vicinity of paragraph 161, Table 1.4 Port of Trois-Rivières Wharves

Add the following in the “Remarks” column.

     Berth                       Remarks
     17                    Additional fender installed by the Port Authority if required.

(Monthly Edition No. 4/16)

Chapter 1 — After paragraph 171

Insert: 171.1      The Port Authority installs an additional fender when the distance between the vessel’s hull and the submarine obstruction, located along the wharf of the upstream section of berth 17, is less than 0.3 m.

(Monthly Edition No. 4/16)

Chapter 2 — Delete paragraph 164 and the adjacent caution pictograph.

(Monthly Edition No. 1/16)

Chapter 2 — Paragraph 176

Delete: “During summer, … through the channel.”
Replace by: In early spring an opening in the ice booms, marked by red and green lights, allows passage through the channel. Later in the season, the ice booms and lights are removed and only the yellow buoys remain.

(Monthly Edition No. 5/16)

Chapter 2 — After paragraph 194

Insert: 194.1      Speed limit. — In Chenal du Sud, between the end of Île Grosbois and Canal Molson (45°35'N, 73°28'W), power-driven vessels and vessels driven by electrical propulsion are subject to respect the speed limit of 5.4 knots (10 km/h) over the ground, between the privately maintained control buoys and the shore, as well as in La Passe, the channel known as Bras Nord — between Île Saint-Jean and Île à Pinard — and La Grande Rivière, all of which in the vicinity of Îles de Boucherville.

(Monthly Edition No. 3/16)

Chapter 2 — Adjacent to paragraph 194.1, add a caution pictograph.

(Monthly Edition No. 3/16)

Chapter 2 — After paragraph 198

Insert: 198.1      La Grande Rivière and Bras Nord, both channels passing through Îles de Boucherville, are marked with private buoys during the navigation season.

(Monthly Edition No. 10/16)

Chapter 3 — After paragraph 75

Insert: 75.1      The downstream Chambly light (2255) is situated on the north extremity of the approach wall of the downstream entrance of Canal de Chambly (45°27'N, 73°17'W).

(Monthly Edition No. 2/16)

Chapter 3 — Adjacent to paragraph 75.1, add a light pictograph.

(Monthly Edition No. 2/16)

APPENDICES — Table of marina facilities

CHAPTER 2: Trois-Rivières to Montréal

Make the following correction in the “Telephone” column.

     Name and location                               Telephone
     Club nautique de Mézy
     Boucherville                                       450-449-6487

(Monthly Edition No. 3/16)