Chapter 1 — In the vicinity of paragraph 19

Replace the GRANDES-BERGERONNES diagram with the new one provided in Section 4 of this Monthly Edition.

(Monthly Edition No. 1/15)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 67

Delete: in ruins
Replace by: encased in stone

(Monthly Edition No. 2/15)

Chapter 1 — Delete paragraph 76 and the light pictograph adjacent to it.

Replace by: 76      The wharf at Cap-à-l’Aigle is backed by a breakwater on its SE side. A service floating wharf is adjacent to the wharf, on its SE side. There is a launching ramp at the inner end of the wharf. Cap à l’Aigle light (1840) is shown from a tower on the outer end of the breakwater (47°40'N, 70°06'W).

(Monthly Edition No. 3/15)

Chapter 1 — Adjacent to paragraph 76, add wharf and light pictographs.

(Monthly Edition No. 3/15)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 84, after “depths alongside of”

Delete: 0.2
Replace by: 0.8

(Monthly Edition No. 10/15)

Chapter 2 — In the vicinity of paragraph 4, Table 2.2 Summary of air obstructions for this booklet

Make the following change in the “Position (centroid)” column.
               Location                                                                Position
  Pont Sainte-Anne (Chicoutimi)                                48°26.0′ N; 71°04.1′ W

(Monthly Edition No. 12/15)

Chapter 2 — Paragraph 23

Delete: “with an outer end of 33 m … (1998).”
Replace by: ; berthage is prohibited (2014) until further notice.

(Monthly Edition No. 5/15)

Chapter 2 — After paragraph 110

Insert: 110.1     Two sets of lights in line (private) with daymarks mark the limits of dredged areas that are adjacent to Berth 86. The white lights (12696, 12697), with yellow daymarks, mark the 12.5 m dredged area limit while the red lights (12698, 12699), with orange daymarks, mark the 6.5 m dredged area limit.

(Monthly Edition No. 7/15)

Chapter 2 — Adjacent to paragraph 110.1, add a light pictograph.

(Monthly Edition No. 7/15)

Chapter 2 — In the vicinity of paragraph 127, Table 2.4 Port of Québec: Private Berths

Make the following change in the “Depth” column.
               Berth                                                          Depth
                 87                                                                16.4

(Monthly Edition No. 7/15)

Chapter 3 — Paragraph 38

Delete: a depth alongside of 9.7 m
Replace by: depths alongside of 9.5 to 9.8 m

(Monthly Edition No. 6/15)

Chapter 3 — Delete paragraph 69 and adjacent pictographs.

(Monthly Edition No. 2/15)

Chapter 3 — Paragraph 91, after “knowledge is required”

Delete: “; for further … Appendix.”
Replace by: There are private beacons from the river mouth to the marina. For further information on facilities, consult the Appendix.

(Monthly Edition No. 3/15)

Chapter 3 — Paragraph 136

Delete: (2013)
Replace by: (2014)

(Monthly Edition No. 3/15)

INDEX — After “Louise, Bassin, C2/P97”

Delete: Loup, Rivière du, C3/P69

(Monthly Edition No. 2/15)