Chapter 1 — Delete paragraph 134

Replace by: 134     Major marine archaeological work at Red Bay since 1978 has uncovered the remains of four shipwrecks in the harbour related to 16th century Basque whaling operations, as well as a number of large whale bone deposits from the same period. Parts of The Harbour have been designated no anchorage zones for all vessels to ensure the protection of these cultural resources; smaller vessels must “go slow” in these areas.
134.1     A no anchorage area exists in “The Harbour” commencing from the shoreline about 50 m (164 ft) SE of the south end of the Public wharf. It then extends in a SW direction to starboard hand light buoy NR6 (229.6) and then south to the NW tip of Saddle Island. The no anchorage area then follows the north shoreline of Saddle Island east to the overhead power cables, charted 0.13 mile NW of the east end of Saddle Island. It then extends NNE along the power cables route to intersect the shoreline close NE of Harbour Rock (local name) and then follows the shoreline NW to its starting point near the Public wharf.
134.2     An additional no anchorage area includes the shallow channel between the west side of Penney Island and Moore Point. It extends from near the SE tip of Penney Island and following the 2 meter charted contour line SW and west to a point about 0.1 mile SW of the SE end of Penney Island. It then extends 0.19 mile NNW to Moore Point. From Moore Point it extends about 110 m (361 ft) ENE and then south and then 100 m (328 ft) SE to join the north end of Penney Island. Speed reductions and no anchorage in both areas previously described reduce the risk of damage to these sensitive areas.
134.3     Recreational divers are required to register with Parks Canada prior to any diving activity taking place. Fishing activities that involve the use of any fishing method that could possibly disturb the underwater historic resources are not permitted within The Harbour and The Basin. For additional information contact Parks Canada at (709) 920-2142 or email

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Chapter 1 — Paragraph 171, after “Starboard hand light buoy

Delete: ND6
Replace by: NL2

(Monthly Edition No. 12/17)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 173, after “higher ranges inland.”

Insert: Port hand light buoy NL1 (226.55) is moored 0.2 mile SW of Pointe L’Anse au Clair and marks a 35-foot (11-m) shoal.

(Monthly Edition No. 12/17)

Chapter 2 — Paragraph 112

Delete: 19 feet (5.9 m)
Replace by: 8 m

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Chapter 2 — Paragraph 112

Delete: 14 feet (4.2 m)
Replace by: 4.1 m

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Chapter 3 — Paragraph 17, after “112 feet (34 m) long.”

Insert: A light (216.35) is shown from a mast on the west end of the outer section of the L-shaped wharf.

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Chapter 3 — Adjacent to paragraph 17, add a light pictograph.

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Chapter 3 — Paragraph 110

Delete: “A light (203) … to Parsons Pond.”

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Chapter 3 — Adjacent to paragraph 110, delete the light pictograph.

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Chapter 4 — Paragraph 157

Delete: 2.5 m
Replace by: 2.3 m

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INDEX — After “Harbour Point, C3/P13, C4/P158” (Print-on-Demand Version)

Insert: Harbour Rock, C1/P134.1

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INDEX — After “Harbour Point, 49, 100

Insert: Harbour Rock, 20

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INDEX — After “Stowbridge Head, C4/P24” (Print-on-Demand Version)

Delete: Strand, The, C1/P134

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INDEX — After “Stowbridge Head, 81

Delete: Strand, The, 20

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INDEX — After “L’Anse-au-Clair, C1/P171” (Print-on-Demand Version)

Insert: L’Anse au Clair, Pointe, C1/P173

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INDEX — After “L’Anse-au-Clair, 25” (2006 Print Version)

Insert: L’Anse au Clair, Pointe, 26

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