Chapter 2 — Paragraph 50, after “sounded from the light tower.”

Insert: A light (227.5) and a radar reflector are shown from a mast, on the rocky intertidal shore, situated 0.2 mile north of the above-mentioned light tower.

(Monthly Edition No. 9/15)

Chapter 2 — Paragraph 78

Delete: “A fog signal … horn points 318°.”

(Monthly Edition No. 5/15)

Chapter 2 — Paragraph 89

Delete: “ A light (209) … head of this wharf.”

(Monthly Edition No. 9/15)

Chapter 2 — Adjacent to paragraph 89, delete the light pictograph.

(Monthly Edition No. 9/15)

Chapter 2 — Delete paragraph 98

Replace by: 98 The Digby Public wharf is L-shaped, concrete decked, and has three floating wharves which extend SW from the 900-foot (275-m) stem. The facility is operated by the Digby Harbour Port Association. The L-end of the main wharf is 328 feet (100 m) long, with depths of 10 feet (3 m) on the outside face, and depths of 13 feet (3.9 m) on the inside face. The Digby wharf, and a 900-foot (275-m) rock breakwater close NE, form two sheltered boat harbours. There are no berths along the breakwater, but there are berths along the outer portion of the east face of the wharf stem. A light (206.2), having a red and white triangular daymark, is shown from a mast at the outer end of the breakwater. At the head of the protected harbour, on the west side of the Digby wharf, is a marginal wharf face 230 feet (70 m) long, with a floating wharf extending SE. Close SW of the marginal wharf, the Royal Western Nova Scotia Yacht Club operates an 80-berth marina.

(Monthly Edition No. 9/15)

Chapter 2 — Adjacent to paragraph 98, add a light pictograph.

(Monthly Edition No. 9/15)

Chapter 3 — Delete paragraph 43

Replace by: 43      A light (29) is shown at an elevation of 16.5 m, from a skeleton tower, having red and white rectangular daymarks. It is located at the south end of the island, near a white square building which housed the former light. A fog signal of one blast every minute is sounded from the skeleton tower; the horn points 120°. Starboard hand light and whistle buoy XP4 (28.6) is moored 0.8 mile SSE of Great Duck Ledge.

(Monthly Edition No. 11/15)

Chapter 4 — Paragraph 21

Delete: “Pilotage is … areas B and D.”
Replace by: Pilotage is compulsory when proceeding to anchorage area A, while anchorage areas B and D are outside the compulsory pilotage area. Anchorage area B has eight designated anchor berths, while anchorage area D has six designated anchor berths.

(Monthly Edition No. 9/15)

Chapter 4 — Paragraph 30, after “(see the Practices and Procedures).”

Add: Additional exclusion zones are charted both around the pier east of Mispec Point and in the vicinity of the storage tanks and flame tower to the NE.

(Monthly Edition No. 4/15)

Chapter 4 — Paragraph 41

Delete: 23
Replace by: 21

(Monthly Edition No. 6/15)

Chapter 4 — Paragraph 41

Delete: “Fixed white lights … both directions.”
Replace by: Fixed red and green lights are fitted to masts beneath the bridge deck, on each side of the channel, on both the upstream and downstream sides of the bridge.

(Monthly Edition No. 6/15)

Chapter 4 — Paragraph 88

Delete: “Fairway light and bell … of Ragged Reef Point.”

(Monthly Edition No. 4/15)