Chapter 1 — Paragraph 101, after “A light (272)

Insert: , with red and white daymarks,

(Monthly Edition No. 7/14)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 101

Delete: “A fog signal … horn points 270°.”

(Monthly Edition No. 10/14)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 122

Delete: Bay Ferries
Replace by: Nova Star Cruises ferry

(Monthly Edition No. 6/14)

Chapter 2 — Paragraph 31, after “shown from a skeleton tower”

Insert: having red and white rectangular daymarks,

(Monthly Edition No. 1/14)

Chapter 2 — Delete paragraph 35

Replace by: 35      At Saulnierville, about 2.5 miles north of Meteghan River, two breakwaters protect a small boat harbour. The south breakwater extends west for 166 m, and north for 230 m. The north breakwater extends NW from shore for 330 m. The harbour entrance is 35 m wide, and lights (237.5, 237.6) are shown on either side of the entrance. Portions of the harbour are dry at low water. There is a wharf on the inside of the south breakwater, with depths of 0.7 to 1.1 m alongside. Fairway light buoy HE (237)

(Monthly Edition No. 12/14)

Chapter 2 — Paragraph 37

Delete: A disused light tower is
Replace by: There are two conspicuous wind turbines

(Monthly Edition No. 10/14)

Chapter 2 — Paragraph 59, after “vertical clearance”

Delete: 43 m
Replace by: 39 m

(Monthly Edition No. 5/14)

Chapter 2 — Paragraph 79

Delete: “A fog signal … from this tower.”

(Monthly Edition No. 11/14)

Chapter 2 — After paragraph 136

Insert: 136.1      Caution is advised along the shores of Greville Bay, within the waters of Minas Channel, as well as along the north shore of Minas Basin west of Parrsboro. These areas contain sites for ongoing experimentation with in-stream tidal turbines. Installation support vessels may be on site, and infrastructure including turbines and submarine cables is being installed.

(Monthly Edition No. 1/14)

Chapter 2 — Adjacent to paragraph 136.1, add a caution pictograph.

(Monthly Edition No. 1/14)

Chapter 2 — Delete paragraph 158 and adjacent pictograph.

Replace by: 158      A former light structure stands on Horton Bluff, on the west side of the Avon River.

(Monthly Edition No. 4/14)

Chapter 2 — Delete paragraph 159

Replace by: 159      The small community of Summerville can be seen on the east side of the river, 2.3 miles SE of Horton Bluff.

(Monthly Edition No. 4/14)

Chapter 3 — Paragraph 5

Delete: “A fog signal … horn points 270°.”

(Monthly Edition No. 10/14)

Chapter 3 — Paragraph 12

Delete: “A fog signal … horn that points 162°.”

(Monthly Edition No. 10/14)

Chapter 3 — Paragraph 17

Delete: “A fog signal … horn points 240°.”

(Monthly Edition No. 10/14)

Chapter 4 — Paragraph 5, after “shown from a”

Delete: skeleton tower
Replace by: mast

(Monthly Edition No. 1/14)