Chapter 1 — Paragraph 86

Delete: “A fog signal … horn points 155°.”

(Monthly Edition No. 11/16)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 132, last line

Add: A conspicuous flare stack is situated on the shore east of Goldboro, 2 miles NNW of Drum Head Harbour. The flare is reportedly visible for upwards of 20 miles at sea.

(Monthly Edition No. 12/16)

Chapter 3 — Paragraph 42, last line

Add: A danger area, containing unexploded ordnance, is situated close north of Black Rock.

(Monthly Edition No. 7/16)

Chapter 3 — Paragraph 122

Delete: “A light (495) … from the light tower.”
Replace by: A light (495) is shown from a skeleton tower, having red and white daymarks on Brig Point. A former light structure stands nearby.

(Monthly Edition No. 10/16)

Chapter 4 — After paragraph 63

Insert: 63.1      A submarine cable runs from the NW end of The Peninsula west to Little Fish Island, and then SW to Big Gooseberry Island. Caution is advised.

(Monthly Edition No. 11/16)

Chapter 4 — Adjacent to paragraph 63.1, add a caution pictograph.

(Monthly Edition No. 11/16)

Chapter 4 — Paragraph 91, after “skeleton tower”

Insert: having port hand daymarks

(Monthly Edition No. 6/16)

Chapter 5 — Paragraph 10

Delete: “A fog signal … adjacent to the light.”

(Monthly Edition No. 11/16)

Chapter 5 — Paragraph 95, after “A light (367)

Insert: having a starboard hand daymark

(Monthly Edition No. 6/16)

APPENDICES — Page A-13, SHIP REPAIR, third paragraph

Delete: floating drydock and a

(Monthly Edition No. 7/16)

APPENDICES — Page A-13, SHIP REPAIR, after third paragraph

Delete: Nova Dock (Panamax): Max. lift 36,000 t displacement, 257 m long, 38 m open width, 9 m draft over keel blocks.

(Monthly Edition No. 7/16)