Chapter 1 — Paragraph 91, after “minimum elevation of cables”

Delete: with and

(Monthly Edition No. 12/14)

Chapter 1 — Paragraph 91, after “safe clearance of each line.”

Delete: “Clearances … severe ice conditions.”
Replace by: In the Sailing Directions, the vertical clearances under severe icing conditions may be indicated for some cables in tables, diagrams or in the text.

(Monthly Edition No. 12/14)

Chapter 3 — After paragraph 185

Insert: 185.1      The SmartAtlantic Alliance is an initiative of the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Centre for Applied Ocean Technology (CTec) and the Halifax Marine Research Institute (HMRI). It is an observation system that collects and disseminates real time oceanographic and meteorological information via the internet for use by the marine community.
185.2      Information is available for sites at Holyrood, St. John’s, Placentia Bay, Port aux Basques, Bay of Islands and Bay of Exploits, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. In addition to site specific observations, Placentia Bay and Halifax Harbour also provide marine forecasting.
185.3      With the exception of seasonal buoys in the Bay of Islands and Bay of Exploits, the remainder will be year-round installations, except when excessive pack ice may interfere. Please contact for more information.
185.4      The Halifax Marine Research Institute (HMRI), under the guidance of the Canadian Marine Pilots’ Association (Atlantic Region), is leading the operation of a meteorological/oceanographic buoy off Herring Cove at the mouth of Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia. Please contact for more information.
185.5       SmartAtlantic Alliance buoy data, weather forecasts and value added information products are freely available at

(Monthly Edition No. 7/14)